INA Research Group

Welcome to Intelligent Network Architecture Lab @ KAIST!


INA research group pursues innovative ideas in/for Internet services and applications, cloud infrastructure, and systems that support artificial intelligence. We identify and anticipate new problems that arise from the evolution of Internet-/Cloud-based services and the development of new hardware, provide novel solutions for challenging problems in the real-world, design and implement the solutions in a way that reaches out for real-world impact. INA is part of the Computer Division of the School of Electrical Engineering.

Open Position: We are looking for undergraduate research interns to join the INA lab (상시 채용). We have several interesting topics such as large-scale deep learning, neural volumetric streaming, and retrospective video analytics. You can find more information on Career@INA.



INA has published 14 papers at top-tier systems conferences, which is ranked 1st in Korea (refer to link).

Systems for AI / AI for Systems

  • Accelerating training for large-scale deep neural networks [ICML’22]
  • Accelerating DNA sequencing by learned index [Bioinformatics’22]
  • Optimizing microservice auto-scaling by graph neural networks [CoNext’21]

AI-augmented Media Delivery

Networked Systems (Data center, 5G) / Systems Security

  • Integrating trusted execution environment with conventional networked systems [NSDI’17,ToN’20,ToN’22]
  • Optimizing network resource and wireless spectral efficiency under 5G, 6G environments [CoNext’22]
  • Improving congestion control schemes for datacenter networking [SIGCOMM’17, EuroSys’21]



Nov, 2022 Our paper titled “Scalable and Secure Virtualization of HSM with ScaleTrust” was accepted to IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking (ToN). Congratulations Juhyeng and Seongmin!
Sep, 2022 Our paper titled “Co-optimizing for Flow Completion Time in Radio Access Network” was accepted to CoNEXT 2022. Congratulations Jaehong, Yunheon, Hwijoon, and Youngmok!
Jun, 2022 Dr.Juhyeng Han successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis and will start a new career as a software engineer at SAP Labs Korea (which is the largest tech company in Germany).
May, 2022 Our paper titled “TSPipe: Learn from Teacher Faster with Pipelines” was accepted to ICML 2022. Congratulations Hwijoon and Yechan!
May, 2022 Our paper titled “NeuroScaler: Neural Video Enhancement at Scale” was accepted to SIGCOMM’22. Congratulations Hyunho, Hwijoon, Jaehong, Youngmok, and Juncheol!
Mar, 2022 Our paper titled “BWA-MEME: BWA-MEM emulated with a machine learning approach” was accepted to Bioinformatics’22. Congratulations Youngmok!
Feb, 2022 We have two undergraduate research interns joining our group this spring. Welcome aboard Jinyeong, Euijun!
Feb, 2022 We have two graduate students joining our group this spring. Welcome aboard Uitaek, Jaehyeong!
Feb, 2022 Hwijoon, Jaehong, and Inho won the Gold Prize (1st place in Communication & Networks) in the Samsung Humantech Paper Award.
Jan, 2022 Byungkwon won Ph.D. Thesis Award, School of Electrical Engineering, for his dissertation “Enhancing Performance of Networked Systems in the Cloud by Considering the Characteristics of Resources and Workloads”.