Integrated M.S. & Ph.D., School of Electrical Engineering, KAIST

FEB 2018 - FEB 2022 (Expected)

Advisor: Dongsu Han

M.S., School of Electrical Engineering, KAIST

FEB 2017 - FEB 2018

Advisor: Dongsu Han

B.S., School of Electrical Engineering, KAIST

FEB 2012 - FEB 2017

Magna Cum Laude

Research Interest

Internet Video Delivery

Deep Learning System

Computer Network



C1. "Neural Adaptive Content-aware Internet Video Delivery", USENIX Symposium on Operating Systems Design and Implementation (OSDI), 2018
Hyunho Yeo, Youngmok Jung, Jaehong Kim, Jinwoo Shin, and Dongsu Han
(Acceptance Rate 47/257: 18.2%)

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First paper from KAIST in the history of OSDI


W1. "How will Deep Learning Change Internet Video Delivery?", ACM Workshop on Hot Topics in Networks (HotNets), 2017
Hyunho Yeo, Sunghyun Do, and Dongsu Han
(Acceptance Rate 28/124: 22.5%)


Research Projects & Contributions

Deep Learning based Adaptive Streaming

DEC 2017 ~ OCT 2018

  1. Proposed the concept of a content-aware DNN that trains/applies a DNN for each video utilizing guaranteed training accuracy instead of unpredictable testing accuracy
  2. Proposed a new video delivery method that streams video along with the corresponding content-aware DNNs
  3. Developed an end-to-end video delivery system that integrates the content-aware approach, DNNs for super-resolution, scalable anytime prediction, and mechanisms for handling device heterogeneity on top of an existing adaptive streaming framework

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Publication: [OSDI 18]

Deep Learning based Internet Video Delivery

JUL 2017 ~ NOV 2017

  1. Analyzed the limitations of current Internet video delivery
  2. Analyzed the implications of deep learning on Internet video delivery
  3. Designed preliminary systems and evaluated performance improvements achievable by deep learning

Publication: [HotNets 17]


Kim Choong-Ki, Best Research Achievement Award

School of Electrical Engineering, KAIST, 2018

Invited talks

NAS: Neural Adaptive Content-aware Internet Video Delivery
- Conference talk at OSDI, OCT, 2018
- Talk at Nvidia AI Conference, JUL, 2019 (Expected)

How will Deep Learning Change Internet Video Delivery?
- Workshop talk at HotNets, NOV, 2017