Recent Publications

Cybercriminal Minds: An investigative study of cryptocurrency abuses in the Dark Web
Seunghyeon Lee, Changhoon Yoon, Heedo Kang, Yeonkeun Kim, Yongdae Kim, Dongsu Han, Sooel Son, Seungwon Shin NDSS 2019
APPx: An Automated App Acceleration Framework for Low Latency Mobile App [pdf]
Byungkwon Choi, Jeongmin Kim, Daeyang Cho, Seongmin Kim, Dongsu Han ACM CoNEXT 2018
Neural Adaptive Content-aware Internet Video Delivery [web page]
Hyunho Yeo, Youngmok Jung, Jaehong Kim, Jinwoo Shin, Dongsu Han USENIX OSDI 2018
How will Deep Learning Change Internet Video Delivery? [pdf], [slide]
Hyunho Yeo, Sunghyun Do, Dongsu Han ACM HotNets 2017
Network Stack as a Service in the Cloud [pdf]
Zhixiong Niu, Hong Xu, Dongsu Han, Peng Cheng, Yongqiang Xiong, Guo Chen, Keith Winstein ACM HotNets 2017
Credit-Scheduled Delay-Bounded Congestion Control for Datacenters [pdf], [pptx], [ns2-code]
Inho Cho, Keon Jang, Dongsu Han ACM SIGCOMM 2017
SGX-Box: Enabling Visibility on Encrypted Traffic using a Secure Middlebox Module [pdf]
Juhyeng Han, Seongmin Kim, Jaehyeong Ha, Dongsu Han ACM APNet 2017
Combining ECN and RTT for Datacenter Transport [pdf]
Gaoxiong Zeng, Wei Bai, Ge Chen, Kai Chen, Dongsu Han, Yibo Zhu ACM APNet 2017
Enhancing Security and Privacy of Tor's Ecosystem by using Trusted Execution Environments [pdf], [code]
Seongmin Kim, Juhyeng Han, Jaehyeong Ha, Taesoo Kim, Dongsu Han USENIX NSDI 2017
mOS: A Reusable Networking Stack for Flow Monitoring Middleboxes [pdf], [code]
Muhammad Asim Jamshed, YoungGyoun Moon, Donghwi Kim, Dongsu Han, KyoungSoo Park USENIX NSDI 2017 (Awarded Best Paper)
Rate-Aware Flow Scheduling for Commodity Data Center Networks [pdf], [code]
Ziyang Li, Wei Bai, Kai Chen, Dongsu Han, Yiming Zhang, Dongsheng Li, Hongfang Yu IEEE Infocom 2017
SGX-Shield: Enabling Address Space Layout Randomization for SGX Programs [pdf], [code]
Jaebaek Seo, Byoungyoung Lee, Seongmin Kim, Ming-Wei Shih, Insik Shin, Dongsu Han, Taesoo Kim NDSS 2017
Enabling Automatic Protocol Behavior Analysis for Android Applications[pdf], [code]
Jeongmin Kim*, Hyunwoo Choi*, Hun Namkung, Woohyun Choi, Byungkwon Choi, Hyunwook Hong, Yongdae Kim, Jonghyup Lee, Dongsu Han (*co-first authors) ACM CoNEXT 2016
Expeditus: Congestion-aware Load Balancing in Clos Data Center Networks [pdf]
Peng Wang, Hong Xu, Zhixiong Niu, Dongsu Han, Yongqiang Xiong ACM SoCC 2016
DFC: Accelerating String Pattern Matching for Network Applications [pdf], [code]
Byungkwon Choi, Jongwook Chae, Muhammad Jamshed, Kyoungsoo Park, Dongsu Han USENIX NSDI 2016
OpenSGX: An Open Platform for SGX Research [bibtex], [pdf], [code]
Prerit Jain, Soham Desai, Seongmin Kim, Ming-Wei Shih, JaeHyuk Lee, Changho Choi, Youjung Shin, Taesoo Kim, Brent Byunghoon Kang, Dongsu Han NDSS 2016
A First Step Towards Leveraging Commodity Trusted Execution Environments for Network Applications [bibtex], [pdf], [pptx]
Seongmin Kim, Youjung Shin, Jaehyung Ha, Taesoo Kim, Dongsu Han ACM HotNets 2015 (* This version is an online version slightly modified from the original.)
Breaking and Fixing VoLTE: Exploiting Hidden Data Channels and Mis-implementations [pdf]
Hongil Kim, Dongkwan Kim, Minhee Kwon, Hyungseok Han, Yeongin Jang, Dongsu Han, Taesoo Kim, Yongdae Kim ACM CCS 2015
Practical, Real-time Centralized Control for CDN-based Live Video Delivery [bibtex], [pdf]
Matthew K. Mukerjee, David Naylor, Junchen Jiang, Dongsu Han, Srinivasan Seshan, Hui Zhang ACM SIGCOMM 2015
Accurate Latency-based Congestion Feedback for Datacenters [pdf]
Changhyun Lee, Chunjong Park, Keon Jang, Sue Moon, Dongsu Han USENIX ATC 2015
Information-Agnostic Flow Scheduling for Commodity Data Center [pdf], [code]
Wei Bai, Li Chen, Kai Chen, Dongsu Han, Chen Tian, Hao Wang USENIX NSDI 2015
Guaranteeing Deadlines for Inter-Datacenter Transfers [pdf], [bibtex]
Hong Zhang, Kai Chen, Wei Bai, Dongsu Han, Chen Tian, Hao Wang, Haibing Guan, Ming Zhang ACM Eurosys 2015
PIAS: Practical Information-Agnostic Flow Scheduling for Data Center Networks [pdf]
Wei Bai, Li Chen, Kai Chen, Dongsu Han, Chen Tian, Weicheng Sun ACM HotNets 2014
MICA: A Holistic Approach to Fast In-Memory Key-Value Storage [pdf], [pptx], [code]
Hyeontaek Lim, Dongsu Han, David G. Andersen, Michael Kaminsky USENIX NSDI 2014
mTCP: a Highly Scalable User-level TCP Stack for Multicore Systems [pdf], [pptx], [code]
EunYoung Jeong, Shinae Woo, Muhammad Asim Jamshed, Haewon Jeong, Sunghwan Ihm, Dongsu Han, Kyoungsoo Park USENIX NSDI 2014 (Community Award)