EE324 Assignments

There will be four to six programming assignments.

All homework is to be done individually.

Topic Assigned Due Other Info Solutions
PA 1:Plz tell me my password 9/7 9/14, 11:59 pm (Part I) 9/21, 11:59 pm (Part II). Part I deadline not strictly enforced. Code available at msg.h None
PA 2:Concurrent Web Proxy 10/1 Refer to the pdf document Code available at assignment2.tar.gz None
PA 3Performance with I/O multiplexing 10/28 Refer to the pdf document Extra-credit availble Ref Material None
Distributed File System
(borrowed from David Andersen's course)
11/20 See lecture note from syllabus
PartI handout 11/27 11:59pm
PartII handout 12/4 11:59pm
PartIII handout 12/11 11:59pm
PartIV handout 12/23 11:59pm (extra credit)
Source code Part I code
VM image
Part II code
Part III code
Part IV code

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